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In Six Days – Why 50 Scientists Choose to Believe in Creation

I always get caught up reading the most amazing articles in the Internet…I feel it is part of what God has called me to do to share them with the audience that is interested in the facts behind the Bible. Do you ever feel alone against atheists who constantly throw the terms “Dawkins”, “evolution”, “natural […]

The Case Against Evolution

Please take a moment to appreciate the image above…it is just too funny for me! Atheists are so determined to disprove the possibility of the existence of an Almighty God. I see Christianity in the news frequently and they seem to be the single most persecuted church. It DOES make you think, doesn’t it? The […]

Celestial Music

This new Hubble telescope image reveals our beautiful Milky Way galaxy…a gigantic pinwheel that we call home. I think most of us have seen images from Hubble that are simply breathtaking. I was reading the Psalms and then came across a video that connected the dots for me. Allow me to elaborate. There are statements […]