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Does Genesis One Conflict with Science?

As a Christian, Bible study is a constant, never-ending process of reading, learning, and maturing in Christ. Much of that study is the study of interpretation of what the Bible says. I believe in the literal interpretation of the Bible myself. I’d like to address questions I have received about the interpretations of Genesis One […]

Scientific Study Endorses Seaworthiness of Ark

You may be wondering why so many posts about Noah’s Ark. My account has become the focal point of endless questions. While I am happy to answer them, what bothers me is the motivation behind these questions. The questions are not being asked with an open scientific mind to see if it would be actually […]

Caring for the Animals on Noah’s Ark

I’m sure it is no surprise to anyone who has a Christ-related Instagram account that every now and again you will get angry atheists who apparently lack any sense of propriety in expressing their opinions. Today, I was the target of such an account: @religionfree. Since they felt the freedom to post a screenshot of […]

The Great Genesis Flood

¬† The Genesis Flood: this is such an interesting topic because of the geological evidence that supports it.¬†Remember that God is more interested in the theology than the geology but for the sake of those inquisitive minds such as my own, there is an explanation. Just remember that evidence should not be the basis of […]

Noak’s Ark Existed!

Before discussing the great Genesis flood, I wanted to talk about Noah’s ark. This seems to be another one of those touchy subjects that non-believers will try to use to debunk the Bible. Let me present some facts in support of the Bible along with the pertinent Bible verse. “Make yourself an ark of gopherwood; make […]