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Does Genesis One Conflict with Science?

As a Christian, Bible study is a constant, never-ending process of reading, learning, and maturing in Christ. Much of that study is the study of interpretation of what the Bible says. I believe in the literal interpretation of the Bible myself. I’d like to address questions I have received about the interpretations of Genesis One […]

The Parable of the Programmer

Jesus often spoke in parables about the principles of the Kingdom of Heaven. Perhaps because the principle itself was too difficult for the hardened heart to grasp or simply because it was illustrated better through an example. Such is the case today. I remember as an undergrad, many of my peers dropped out because the […]

Our Universe: Indescribable!

There’s a worship song I know we all have heard titled “How Great Is Our God” and that’s what I would like to focus on this post. You see, we all sing the song and I truly believe we all mean it. We do. What I think our finite minds cannot comprehend is EXACTLY how […]

Scientific Study Endorses Seaworthiness of Ark

You may be wondering why so many posts about Noah’s Ark. My account has become the focal point of endless questions. While I am happy to answer them, what bothers me is the motivation behind these questions. The questions are not being asked with an open scientific mind to see if it would be actually […]

Dare to Believe

I have said it before but I wanted to make a specific post addressing this: all the scientific facts here are meant to glorify God and they should NOT be the basis of your faith. Sure, we are all afraid of believing in something that is not true but if you truly ARE a born-again […]