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The Case Against Evolution

Please take a moment to appreciate the image above…it is just too funny for me! Atheists are so determined to disprove the possibility of the existence of an Almighty God. I see Christianity in the news frequently and they seem to be the single most persecuted church. It DOES make you think, doesn’t it? The […]

The Inner Life of a Cell

I can still remember the words of the Dean of the Department of Mathematics and Science saying the following words, “only about 30% of the American population graduate with a 4 year degree and only of those 5% is math and science major, which makes the you about top 1.5% of the country”. That statement […]

Jesus’ Crucifixion from a Medical Standpoint

Caution: this post may be graphic to some individuals; reader discretion is advised! One of the most painful things for me personally is to see Jesus mocked. Not because of my beliefs…lets set those aside for a moment. Let’s set aside that He IS my Lord and Savior…that He DID become the human visible form […]

"Creation" Scientists

Photo Credit I’ve learned one thing this week: no matter how much evidence you give an atheist, it will NEVER be enough. They will either discredit the evidence, the person, or the education. I felt it was only fair to my audience to make a list of creationist scientists in various fields of science that […]

Circumcision and the 8th Day

Let me begin by saying this post is NOT about the choice of circumcision. I wanted to point out why God specified the 8th day to do this on a newborn. Please no comments on the pro/against because it’s not what this is about.  That being said, circumcision was an outward sign of the covenant […]