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Does Genesis One Conflict with Science?

As a Christian, Bible study is a constant, never-ending process of reading, learning, and maturing in Christ. Much of that study is the study of interpretation of what the Bible says. I believe in the literal interpretation of the Bible myself. I’d like to address questions I have received about the interpretations of Genesis One […]

Clarifying “Evolution”

With modern technology, we can begin to appreciate what is available to us with just a few keystrokes: a vast quantity of information. I truly appreciate this because I love to learn. God gave me a hunger for learning, especially in the area of science so when I come across articles that are written so […]

The Case Against Evolution

Please take a moment to appreciate the image above…it is just too funny for me! Atheists are so determined to disprove the possibility of the existence of an Almighty God. I see Christianity in the news frequently and they seem to be the single most persecuted church. It DOES make you think, doesn’t it? The […]

The Scientific Case Against Evolution

The theory of evolution seems to be like a highly virulent virus. You may have noticed that my Instagram page has recently become private. Although I understand this information must reach everyone, including the atheists, what I cannot and will not allow is a series of profane messages, all geared at discrediting my education.   […]

Dinosaurs in the Bible

I bet this one caught your attention, right? Most individuals argue about the creation, the cavemen, and the dinosaurs. But open your Bible! Dinosaurs are there! The Behemoth “Look now at the behemoth, which I made along with you; He eats grass like an ox. And his power is in his stomach muscles. The sinews of his thighs are tightly […]