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Exodus: Revealed

The Bible is full of stories that many atheists dismiss as fantasy, fiction, or myth. Undoubtably, the Exodus is among the top Biblical stories that stir heated debates. I would like to apply here a principle known as Occam’s Razor. Occam’s Razor is a line of reasoning that says the simplest answer is often correct. […]

In Six Days – Why 50 Scientists Choose to Believe in Creation

I always get caught up reading the most amazing articles in the Internet…I feel it is part of what God has called me to do to share them with the audience that is interested in the facts behind the Bible. Do you ever feel alone against atheists who constantly throw the terms “Dawkins”, “evolution”, “natural […]

Inbreeding and Genetics – Cain’s Wife

One of the most frequent questions I have heard in rebuttal to the Bible is: where did Cain get his wife? I want to address this but also address the issue of genetics, since atheists do tend to claim that inbreeding would have not created viable offspring because of a polluted gene pool. We assume […]

Caring for the Animals on Noah’s Ark

I’m sure it is no surprise to anyone who has a Christ-related Instagram account that every now and again you will get angry atheists who apparently lack any sense of propriety in expressing their opinions. Today, I was the target of such an account: @religionfree. Since they felt the freedom to post a screenshot of […]

The Great Genesis Flood

¬† The Genesis Flood: this is such an interesting topic because of the geological evidence that supports it.¬†Remember that God is more interested in the theology than the geology but for the sake of those inquisitive minds such as my own, there is an explanation. Just remember that evidence should not be the basis of […]

Circumcision and the 8th Day

Let me begin by saying this post is NOT about the choice of circumcision. I wanted to point out why God specified the 8th day to do this on a newborn. Please no comments on the pro/against because it’s not what this is about.  That being said, circumcision was an outward sign of the covenant […]