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The Inner Life of a Cell

I can still remember the words of the Dean of the Department of Mathematics and Science saying the following words, “only about 30% of the American population graduate with a 4 year degree and only of those 5% is math and science major, which makes the you about top 1.5% of the country”. That statement […]

"Creation" Scientists

Photo Credit I’ve learned one thing this week: no matter how much evidence you give an atheist, it will NEVER be enough. They will either discredit the evidence, the person, or the education. I felt it was only fair to my audience to make a list of creationist scientists in various fields of science that […]

Caring for the Animals on Noah’s Ark

I’m sure it is no surprise to anyone who has a Christ-related Instagram account that every now and again you will get angry atheists who apparently lack any sense of propriety in expressing their opinions. Today, I was the target of such an account: @religionfree. Since they felt the freedom to post a screenshot of […]

The Great Genesis Flood

  The Genesis Flood: this is such an interesting topic because of the geological evidence that supports it. Remember that God is more interested in the theology than the geology but for the sake of those inquisitive minds such as my own, there is an explanation. Just remember that evidence should not be the basis of […]

Time Stamp on the Earth – Biblical Prespective

One thing that really irks me about individuals who argue the Bible is the timeline issue. Just to clarify, it’s one thing to say the Bible is approximately 4,000 years old but that does NOT mean the Bible states the planet or our universe is 4,000.  For starters, the dinosaurs are referenced in the Bible […]

Circumcision and the 8th Day

Let me begin by saying this post is NOT about the choice of circumcision. I wanted to point out why God specified the 8th day to do this on a newborn. Please no comments on the pro/against because it’s not what this is about.  That being said, circumcision was an outward sign of the covenant […]

Dinosaurs in the Bible

I bet this one caught your attention, right? Most individuals argue about the creation, the cavemen, and the dinosaurs. But open your Bible! Dinosaurs are there! The Behemoth “Look now at the behemoth, which I made along with you; He eats grass like an ox. And his power is in his stomach muscles. The sinews of his thighs are tightly […]