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Our Universe: Indescribable!

There’s a worship song I know we all have heard titled “How Great Is Our God” and that’s what I would like to focus on this post. You see, we all sing the song and I truly believe we all mean it. We do. What I think our finite minds cannot comprehend is EXACTLY how […]

The Case Against Evolution

Please take a moment to appreciate the image above…it is just too funny for me! Atheists are so determined to disprove the possibility of the existence of an Almighty God. I see Christianity in the news frequently and they seem to be the single most persecuted church. It DOES make you think, doesn’t it? The […]

Celestial Music

This new Hubble telescope image reveals our beautiful Milky Way galaxy…a gigantic pinwheel that we call home. I think most of us have seen images from Hubble that are simply breathtaking. I was reading the Psalms and then came across a video that connected the dots for me. Allow me to elaborate. There are statements […]