Homosexuality and the Christian Faith

Part of being a Christian involves defending my faith. I really do like the area of apologetics because as I’ve said before, science can only take you so far. I want to know the Creator in His Creation but I also want to know His Character, His Thoughts, His “Feelings” because we can only try to characterize the Almighty with a few words but it can never be enough. I understand the moment I will understand our Creator is probably the day He and I meet face-to-face. Now, that being said, God gave us a tool by which we can learn of Him and that is through the Bible. The single most disputed book in human history.

It has been the target of controversy, taking verses out of context, and really stripping God’s word from its true meaning. The Christian Faith isn’t a buffet table where you take what you want and leave what you don’t. It is a serious of beliefs based on the doctrine and teaching of Jesus Himself. So based on that, I thought I’d break from the science and show you what I found. A very intelligent and faithful answer to one of the toughest apologetics questions: homosexuality.

I come across this video of Dr. Ravi Zacharias and he answers the following question:

“I’m a resident of Decatur, GA and I’ve noticed that there has become a very prominent lifestyle of homosexuality…all the way up to the point that it’s being accepted in a lot of churches in my neighborhood. In light of the young man that was in the film earlier, my question is… is it possible for a man or a woman to live a sincere Christian life as a homosexual?”

Dr. Ravi answers…please watch this video!

He said one thing that was so profound:

“When God created mankind and womankind, it was His plan, not our plan, it was extraordinary what He said. He said it was not good for a man to live alone. Well, man wasn’t living alone. God was with him. So why did He say that? He created the mystique and majesty and charm and the complimentary nature of womankind in a way that made it possible for her to meet his emotional needs that God Himself put only within her. Outside of Himself, from Himself, in her, in that complimentariness. So you take that sacred commitment, it is a design by God. Somebody may say, “well you don’t know what it is like to have then to have that disposition (homosexuality)”. No but I’ve talked to people who do. One of the greatest Saints of recent memory was Henri Nouwen. Henri Nouwen was a professor of Psychology at Harvard University. Some years ago, he went to St. Petersburg in Russia and there he went into the famed Armitage Museum and the painting of Rembrandt of the return of the Prodigal Son. He couldn’t get His eyes off of it. Not for one minute, not for two minutes, not for one hour, he sat in front of that painting for three hours. It changed his life. He came back to Harvard, resign his position and returned to work with the mentally retarded in Toronto. He disclosed in his closing book there that he was, dispositionally, a homosexual but never fulfilled that for the sake of Christ.”

What does it take to believe and do to be what? You have to fill in the blanks. If you asked me, Ravi, what does it take to be a Christian? I would say, “Believe in the Lord Jesus Christ, that God has raised Him from the dead, you with your heart and mind trust Him. Then you’re a believer”.

Then you come to me and say, Ravi, what does it take to come and belong to your church?

I’d say, “Well if you join this particular church, where I am a member now, there are certain doctrinal beliefs that you have to believe. For example, you can’t believe the Bible is 90% rubbish and 10% nice and still be a member of the church. You can’t do that. There are certain doctrines to which you are committed, there’s a certain code of conduct that you are committed so if you belong to a community of believers, it is not just the belief in Christ but a certain community expression of that belief that you submitted to.

Now you ask me, “what does it take to teach (University)?”

I’ll say, “now you have to add even more than that. So with each line of affiliation, you put the plus, plus, plus. Not because the second or the third make you a Christian, but it places upon you greater responsibility and accountability as the dispenser of Truth, to which you are held accountable by a community of believers.”

So is it possible for one in that state of mind and disposition to be a Christian? Absolutely. But can one live practicing that and become part of a teaching community and committee of committed believers, I think one would have to raise serious questions. Where does one draw the line then? Is it ok for the pastor to be a polygamist and still be a pastor of the church at the same time? It ends up dying the deaths of a thousand qualifications and the character of God is impugned in the process.

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